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Trina Teele

Trina Teele Fine Art

Chelmsford, MA


Artist Statement:

I recognize a tendency in my artwork towards representational subject matter that is figurative as opposed to landscape in its simplicity. I look for strong, graphic, darks and lights. I love emphasizing rhythmic shapes of bold color and I typically paint to music as it helps me to focus in on what I am doing. The ideal subject makes me feel like it is swaying and thus rouses me to paint. Recently, I’ve taken to doing an under painting with a thin acrylic wash on canvas, and layering it with a more loosely styled oil paint. This permits me the control and speed of acrylic with the depth and blending of oil.


Growing up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Trina spent summers in Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Long Island, NY. The rhythm of the ocean has been a central theme in her life.

While in college Trina became aware of a duality in art. There was the powerful calculated art of the commercial world, and the unique and unexpected expressiveness of personal art. She embraced this duality and got a degree in both Graphic Design and Painting with a concentration in Art History from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

After graduation, Trina entered into the corporate world as a graphic designer. Ever present in the back of her mind, was the warning from a college art professor. “Within five years, many of you will never pick up a paint brush again.” She did not want to prove him right and kept painting.

In several years, she had two daughters. She reduced her hours to part time so she could better manage the new role of being a mother. At this time, she explored watercolor for the first time, finding it less messy than canvas painting with little children about. By the time her daughters were in middle and high school, Trina left the corporate world and opened her own freelance graphic design business. In her personal artwork she returned to using acrylic paints and found it surprisingly manageable after the brief period with watercolors.

Trina explores the question of why one needs art and creativity. This has led her to a daily commitment towards creativity as evidenced on her blog ( She also maintains her graphic design business ( and continues to study with local artists. She contributes to and participates routinely in local shows, exhibits, art societies, and art festivals.


Lifting Fog by Trina Teele


Savory Still by Trina Teele


Apple and CCA Mug by Trina Teele


Wedding Day by Trina Teele


Afternoon Aglow by Trina Teele


Sweet Still by Trina Teele


Purple Haze by Trina Teele


Red Sail at the Regatta by Trina Teele


Still Waters by Trina Teele


Yellow Surfboard by Trina Teele


Misty Morning Catboat by Trina Teele


Yellow Hull on Menemsha Pond by Trina Teele


Early Morning Cows by Trina Teele


Backyard Trees by Trina Teele


Blue Umbrella on the Deck by Trina Teele


Blue Vase and Cut Flowers by Trina Teele


Gardens and Neighbors by Trina Teele


July Flowers by Trina Teele


July Fireworks by Trina Teele


My Sister's Garden by Trina Teele


Horses in the Fields by Trina Teele


Our Haven in May by Trina Teele


Red Right Returning by Trina Teele


Homeward Bound by Trina Teele


Harnessed Breeze by Trina Teele


Beach Exercise by Trina Teele


Swells by Trina Teele


Spinnakers, Sails, Dreams by Trina Teele


Studio Treats by Trina Teele


Early Winter Nocturne by Trina Teele


Early Sunset Trio by Trina Teele


Red Sail Early Sunset by Trina Teele


October Mist by Trina Teele


Evocation by Trina Teele


Morning Mist by Trina Teele


Portobello Belle by Trina Teele


Rainbow Fleet Parade at Brant Point by Trina Teele


Afternoon Sailers by Trina Teele


Shared Tack by Trina Teele


Heeling Winds by Trina Teele


Family Sail by Trina Teele


Five Indian March by Trina Teele


Red Skies by Trina Teele


Timeless Footpath by Trina Teele


Three Indians by Trina Teele


On the Sandbar by Trina Teele


Kindred Spirits by Trina Teele


Great Pond, Edgartown by Trina Teele